SAFELine for Erie County PA:

SAFELine was developed to help youth just like you address serious problems in their lives. Take bullying for example. There has been no dedicated service available to the community for youth to seek relief and counseling from bullying behaviors. Now we offer a way to help you combat this destructive attack.   SAFELine is a free, confidential, and safe phone call.

Why Call the SAFELine?

  • “There is a girl in my class that has cuts all over her wrists and talks about killing herself all the time. Should I tell someone?”
  • “I’m having horrible rumors spread about me, and the kids are mean to me because of them. I hate school now and don’t want to go.”
  • “My best friend is getting into drugs and sometimes it really scares me.”
  • “My mother just died and I’m very angry, confused, and depressed.”

There are many reasons to call SAFELine. These may also include teen pregnancy, abuse, dating concerns/abuse, peer pressure, suicidal thoughts, bullying, mental health needs, etc.   Call anytime you are feeling misunderstood, overwhelmed, or need to talk to someone -especially before you run away or cause harm to yourselves or others.

CALL TODAY: 814-456-7233 (456-SAFE)