2/10/2015- Corry High School completes 3rd annual SAFELine awareness week.

Safe Harbor Behavioral Health’s Youth Advisory Council at Corry High School created a week’s worth of positive events called “They Don’t Own You”, to educate students about dating violence.  This awareness week ran February 2-6th.

The Youth Advisory Council at Corry consists of 15 students who work with Safe Harbor Behavioral Health’s SAFELine program. Corry High School and SAFELine have been partners for over 3 years. This awareness week was a student-generated, led, and implemented result of that collaboration.

The week featured many exciting activities such as a fundraiser for My Safe Journey to a student photo booth and finished on Friday with an assembly featuring Dr. Gary Cuccia* and a teacher dance-off!  The students even surpassed their $1,000 fundraising goal so their Superintendent, William Nichols had to dance at the assembly!

Congratulations to the students for coordinating an educational and fun week, and great job to all of the teachers for busting a move in front of the whole school!

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