What’s LGBTQI?

LGBTQI = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Intersex

If you are a teen who is LGBTQI, you are not alone.

At SAFELine you can be yourself, or talk things out if you are just looking for some support.

Because GLBT teens are more likely to commit suicide, or to experience harassment at school and in the community, we know it is important to be here and to help create a safe space.

Facts about teens who are LGBTQI

  • They are at increased risk for suicide
  • They are much more likely to be harassed by other students
  • They are at increased risk for depression and substance abuse
  • Discrimination continues to exist in schools and within the mental health service system, but positive changes are occurring 
    • The Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (OMHSAS) has just released recommendations and principles for more effective work with the GLBTQI community
  • Parents make a huge difference!
    • When parents are supportive of their teens’ sexual identity, they are less likely to use drugs, become depressed, or attempt suicide
  • Healthcare professionals do not view sexual orientation or gender identify as a “choice”
    • In fact, healthcare researchers have amended several texts to remove homosexuality and gender identity as an ‘illness’