If you are working at a school in Erie County PA Contact SAFELine to:

  • Make a crisis plan that works in conjunction with Safe Harbor’s 24/7/365 Crisis Services & SAFELine resources.
  • Ask Safe Harbor to customize SAFELine materials and marketing events in ways that fit the unique needs of your schools, students, and parents.
  • Get info on local trainings on youth issues.
  • Schedule a speaker on a variety of topics related to youth health and mental health.
  • Invite SAFELine and Safe Harbor staff to workgroups, trainings or other events at your schools.

It’s a great challenge for schools to know when they need to interfere in a child’s life. Does the responsibility of the school end when the bell rings at 3pm?  What if the problem started during school hours and got worse afterwards? What if there isn’t a responsible parent you can trust after-school hours to handle the problems?

Here are some tips for schools:

  • Have a crisis plan in place and partner with the local Crisis Services agency (Crisis Services is run through Safe Harbor Behavioral Health which also operates the SAFELine).
  • Make safe internet usage a part of every class.
  • Be sure that your school’s anti-bullying rules and policies address cyber bullying.
  • Educate your teachers and other staff members about the warning signs that students may be exhibiting that might indicate a serious problem (weight loss, change of grades or behaviors, bruises, etc)
  • Investigate any reported problems of bullying or threats immediately.
  • Use filtering software on all computers (eliminate social network sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc).
  • Give students ample resources to report any strange behaviors, bullying, or other problems. (counselors, assemblies about social interaction, clubs that promote anti-bullying behaviors, etc)
  • Contact the police immediately if any threats include: violence, extortion, harassment, child pornography, hate crimes, or sexual exploitation.
  • Notify the parents or guardians immediately of any suspected strange behaviors.


The team you have employed at your school is also very important. They are there to educate and lead our youth to become better people. They need to be committed to all aspects of a student’s life. It’s a sad fact, but nearly 25% of teachers report that they do not think it’s necessary to intervene in bullying.

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